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Heritage and Honor
Heritage and Honor Book

Commemorative Limited Edition &
Jubilee Collector's Edition Books

The University has worked collaboratively with John Hope and Aurelia Elizabeth Franklin Library's special collections team, professors, alumni, and friends to pull together 150 years of historical content. In designing and developing the book, Tunisia Scott Consulting, LLC. has worked diligently to produce a beautifully crafted work of art that honors the legacy of the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Fisk Jubilee Singers


Every page sheds light on the souls of the singers, the echoes of their voices, and the essence of their spirit. From 1871 to 2021, each jubilant note sung and every challenge faced is a testament to the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of these luminaries. Let yourself be swept away by a tale that embodies the very essence of Fisk's legacy and achievement. Dive in, and let the symphony of their journey serenade your soul.

From the hallowed halls of Fisk University, a tale as old as time itself beckons. We invite you to delve into the chronicles of the Fisk Jubilee Singers—a story steeped in history and rich in culture. Heritage & Honor: 150 Year Story of the Fisk Jubilee Singers is not just a recounting; it's an odyssey that spans over a century and a half, where melodies interweave with momentous events, and legends are born under the guidance of visionary directors.


“There is no other ensemble with such a great legacy in the world that commands such great admiration.”


Professor of Music, Musical Director: Fisk Jubilee Singers
(1994-2022), and Fisk Jubilee Singer Alumnus

Dr. Paul T. Kwami, DeLisa Harris, Tunisia Scott; Videographer - Moment of Creation Studio, LLC



This exclusive hardcover book is a testament to premium quality, featuring exquisite paper that exudes luxury. Its sturdy hardcover is complemented by a matching dust cover, adding an extra layer of elegance and protection. But it doesn't stop there; we've gone the extra mile by employing the Smyth sewn lay-flat binding technique for unrivaled durability and lasting quality.


Limited Edition Heritage & Honor Book


This limited edition book is beautifully crafted with premium quality paper, leatherette hardcover with gold foil stamping and smyth sewn lay flat binding for durability and lasting quality. It is also housed in a matching leatherette foil stamped slip case.


   196 High Gloss 100lb Pages

  •  Grammy award winning "Celebrating

      Fisk!" 150th Anniversary Album CD

  •  Exclusive fold out pages

  •  Individually numbered collector's

      edition (only 1000 copies) 

Jubilee Edition of Heritage & Honor



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Secure your piece of history and uphold the timeless legacy of the Fisk Jubilee Singers® by acquiring the Heritage and Honor book today. Your purchase not only preserves their remarkable journey but also fuels the continuation of their inspiring legacy for future generations.

Fisk Jubilee Singer Logo

Fisk University opened in Nashville in 1866 as the first American university to offer a liberal arts education to “young men and women irrespective of color.” Five years later the school was in dire financial straits.  

George L. White, Fisk treasurer and music professor then, created a nine-member choral ensemble of students and took it on tour to earn money for the University. The group left campus on October 6, 1871. Jubilee Day is celebrated annually on October 6 to commemorate this historic day.

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